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20-60 Mins
2-8 Players
Ages 5+


Playing Cards
Rule Book
Paper Pad


This cooperative, family friendly board game offers a fun and unique experience for kids young and old.

There are seven activities for all players to do. Each activity is designed to further develop our creative gifts. During the game we will act like an animal, draw, make up our own word, create a mandala, story tell, practice our telepathy, and follow the leader.

All players will take a turn completing each activity, while the other players have a task to do as well.

These activities are easy to learn and engaging for all players.

There are no words on any of the cards, so children of any reading level can easily play.
As long as you try your best and have fun, everyone wins!

  • Best board game I've ever played! I really liked the funny and silly actions we got to do.
    Felix (9)
  • My favorite game in the whole wide world!
    Charlotte (6)
  • This is the most fun board game I've ever played!
    Blair (7)
  • I just loved this game! I most enjoyed acting like an animal.
    Leyna (9)
  • Awakening Junior is a really fun game for kids and adults!
    Eli (8)
  • This game is awesome because I get to act like an animal, tell funny stories, draw, and follow the leader! I love this game times infinity!
    Hurin (6)

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