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1-3 Hours
2-6 Players
Ages 13+


Rule Book
Player Boards
Chakra Cards
Reference Cards
Activation Tokens
Thought Tokens
Player Tokens
Ability Cards
Pad of Paper


This family friendly board game takes you on a journey inwards, where you co-operate and compete with family and friends to achieve the ultimate goal: AWAKENING

As you travel along the rainbow spiral board, towards the center of yourself, you will be challenged and tested in fun, creative ways. Each color of the rainbow board represents one of the seven basic Chakras. On your turn you will have to complete an activity designed to "activate" one of your Chakras. These activities are simple, yet creative, and engaging for all players.

Throughout the game you will:

• play charades to root into your body
• practice "blind" drawing to connect to creativity
• use alliteration to tap into your intelligence
• do kind/silly things to activate your heart center
• answer a question to speak your truth
• focus your telepathy to open your third eye
• and more....

All players will receive positive or negative “thoughts” after each activity, which is the currency of the game. Positive thoughts can be traded in to move yourself forward and for special abilities that will influence your and other players progress. However negative thoughts could come at any time and they can greatly slow down your momentum.

In order to win the game you must “activate” all your Chakras, get to the end of the board, and have no positive or negative thoughts left on your player board!

You do not need to be familiar with any spiritual concepts to play this game. No matter which dimension you play on there is a good time contained within this box. As an added bonus those that win the game can prove once and for all that they are the most awakened, humble, kind, generous, compassionate, ego-less being amongst us, and should be treated as such!

  • Awakening is easily the most profound, hilarious, and fun board game I've ever played! The rules are simple and the game play flows effortlessly, yet each activity is extremely engaging. I love this game because it not only is a highly entertaining game, where imagination is key, but it also mirrors your own life and personality as you play it, which makes it a very connective experience for anyone who plays together. Don't sleep in boredom any longer on board games... Awaken!
  • Playing the game of Awakening is so much fun! What I love most about it is that it encourages you to engage many aspects of yourself as you play, incorporating body movement, creative thinking and even intuition. This is an inclusive, fun and humorous game for the whole family to play. Through it all it embraces enough of a competitive feel to keep the excitement going!
  • This game is a mindblowing experience. It is unbelievable how the simplest of actions while playing mirror life and the constant conversation between oneself and the universe. The challenges put you on the spot to perform tasks which are meant to enhance and familiarize your connection to yourself. Playing with others, you get a whimsical and strategic insight into their worlds as well. I would play this game every chance I get! It has been an honor and pleasure to see it develop and come to fruition.
  • Awakening. Finally! A game that boasts great times with friends AND deep purpose. Subtly notice how the ways that you look at the world influence the actions that you play out in your life. Do negative thoughts help us or hold us back? Do we have a choice whether to hold onto them or not? Awakening is a magnificent journey designed to comfortably lead players through the growing edges of their character. It is wholesome and engaging; it is an instigator of laughs and a pot-stirrer of creativity. A must have for the game-board collection in every home!

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